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Frequency: 12 Issues / Year


Multiple Journals Publications are peer-reviewed online base open publications. It serves as a science, arts, commerce, and engineering research forum of scholarly /researcher/academician research. Our publications have covered all the fields of a full-length research article, short communication, review paper, case study, etc.

Our publication's also covering Marketing Management, Commerce & Business Studies, Governance & Financial Intermediation, Business, Management & Entrepreneurship, Computational Economics & Econometrics, Microeconomics & Macroeconomics, Applied Management & Investments, Financial Innovation in Banking, Computational Economics & Econometrics, Financial Engineering & Risk Management, Tax Law & Policy, Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, Commerce, Finance & Economics, Corporate Governance & Economic Development, Hospitality Administration & Management, Economics, Finance & Administrative Science, Logistic & Supply Chain Management, Engineering Management & Economics, Economic & Sustainable Development, Applied Management & Entrepreneurship, Foreign Trade & Policy, Management & Technology, Development & Agricultural Economics, Investment Management & Finance, Oil & Gas Energy, Wind Energy, Energy, Sustainability & Society, Renewable Energy & Smart Grid, Energy Production & Management, Internal Combustion Engines & Gas Turbines, Smart Grid & Green Communications, Clean Energy Technologies, Biofuel & Bioenergy Technology, Electrical Power & Energy, Energy Law & Management, Energy for Sustainable Development, Andrology, Cardiology, Medical Practice & Reviews, Alcohol & Alcoholism, Fertility & Sterility, Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases, Reproductive System & Sexual Disorders, Medical & Diagnostic Biochemistry, Advanced Medical Science & Treatment, Molecular Biology & Evolution, Endocrine Disorders & Surgery, Environmental Health Sciences & Toxicology, Systematic & Evolutionary Microbiology, Personality & Individual Differences, Sleep Disorders & Therapy, Veterinary & Animal Science, Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Herbal Medicine, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, Culture, Health & Sexuality, Advanced Medical & Dental Sciences, Medical Engineering & Technology, Diagnostic Biochemistry & Clinical Medicine, Environmental Health Sciences, Medical Devices & Sensors, Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control, Advanced Pediatrics & Child Health, Advances in Microbial Physiology, Oral Health & Dental Management, Animal Models & Experimental Medicine, Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, Preventive Medicine, Medical Economics, Translational Medicine, Parkinson's Disease, Metabolomics & Systems Biology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Physiology & Biochemistry, Applied Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Law & Regulations, Industrial Engineering & Management, Software Engineering, Applied Science & Engineering, Textile Science & Engineering, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Business & Information Systems Engineering, Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Coal Science & Engineering, Materials Science & Chemical Engineering, Optoelectronic Engineering, Automated Software Engineering, Computer & Digital Engineering, Surface Engineering, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Applied Physiology, Media Practice & Education, Global Media & Communication, Higher Education & Sustainability, Women's Entrepreneurship & Education, Digital Learning in Teacher Education, Humanistic Psychology, Culture & Psychology, Sociology & History, Political Science & Diplomacy, Peace & Development, Tertiary Education & Management, Service Business, Sports Science, Humanities & Social Science, Criminal Justice Education, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability, Government Information, International Students, Religion & Violence, Global Warming, Environmental Economics & Waste Management, Environmental Technology & Management, Earth Science & Engineering, Environmental Science & Public Health, Waste Management & Environmental Issues, Environment Pollution & Climate Change, Environmental Science & Engineering, Environmental Toxicology & Pharmacology, Environmental Engineering & Management, Environmental Development & Sustainability, Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management, Environmental Planning & Management, Advanced Agriculture & Environment, Environment & Sustainable Agriculture, Solid Waste Technology & Management, Environmental Science & Management, Animal, Plant & Environmental Sciences, Computers & Education, Network Science, Intelligent Information & Database Systems, Knowledge Engineering & Data Mining, Fuzzy Computation & Modelling, Computer Games & Communication, Information & Communications Technology, Intelligent Enterprise, Optimization Algorithms & Applications, Dynamical Systems & Differential Equations, Computational Medicine & Healthcare, Data Analysis Techniques & Strategies, Law, Computers & Technology, Computer & Electronic Commerce, Chemical Information & Computer Sciences, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Intelligent Defence Support Systems, Information & Computation Technology, Intelligent Systems Technologies & Applications, Collaborative Intelligence, Information Science & Technology, Quantum Science & Technology, Surface Engineered Materials & Advanced Technology, Computer Games Technology & Management, Liquid Crystals & Displays Technology, Chemical Engineering & Process Technology, Civil Engineering & Construction Technology, Chemical Engineering & Processing Technology, Advanced Chemical Science & Technology, Science, Mathematics & Technology Education, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Technology, Technology, Policy & Management, Shock Wave Science & Technology, Advanced Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology, Thermal Science & Technology, Science Education & Technology, Agronomy Research, Soil & Water Science, Agricultural Management & Development, Agricultural Extension & Rural Development, Advanced Agricultural & Biological Science, Advanced Agricultural & Applied Economics, Agricultural Marketing & Management, Agricultural Markets & Marketing Policies, Agricultural & Environmental Ethics, Agricultural Biological & Environmental Statistics, Agricultural Sustainability & Development, Agribusiness Economics & Management, Agricultural Pesticide Management, Food Science & Agriculture, Nanoscience, Animal Sciences, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences, Atomic & Molecular Sciences, Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry, Advances in Biology & Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Biological & Chemical Sciences, Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Science, Physiological Measurement, Applied Nonlinear Science, Applied Polymer Materials & Chemistry, Thermal Analysis & Calorimetry, Computation Techniques in the Materials Sciences, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Industrial & Environmental Chemistry, Applications of Discrete Mathematics, Classical & Quantum Gravity, Condensed Matter Physics, Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology, Biocatalysis & Biotransformation, Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics, Food Science & Nutrition, Applied Food Biotechnology, Knowledge-Based Development, Fractional Calculus & Applied Analysis, Pharmacology & Microbiology, Applied Mathematics, Applied Entomology, Analytical Biotechnology, Analytic Geometry and so on.

Multiple Journals Publications are inviting you to submit your article, and the article will publish without delay. Multiple Journals Publications content will review by the most prominent experts in the respective field. All published journal readers can read for free.


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Multiple Journals Publications

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