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Authors Guideline

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Research work or all articles should be submitted in the English language. Other languages will not be accepted.

Paper Submission

Manuscripts should be submitted by one of the authors via e-mail: editor@multiplejournals.com Manuscript should be Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) files. There is no page limit in our journals. Submission authors will get paper ID number and ID number can use for future corresponding reference purpose. Papers must be submitted original work. The submitted author is responsible for ensuring that the articles have been approved by the other co-authors and affiliation.

Review Process

Submitted article will send to review process and review repot will send for authors if needed any modification or change.

Publication Fee

www.multiplejournals.com is an open publishing service and publication charges are need for article maintenance, long times keeps for archives. All readers cans read articles free and readers can print, download and copy. (Before publication author needs to pay publication fee and after made payment author needs to send payment made receipt to publisher.)

Units Measurement

System International (SI) units

Paper Title

The following information should be included in all submitted article

Paper title [Times new roman and 20 Bold]
Full author names [Times new roman and 12 Bold]
Full affiliation mailing addresses,
Phone and fax number,
E-mail addresses

Abstract [Times new roman and 12 Bold]

The manuscript abstract word should be 200 - 300 words. The abstract should include background, experiment, and conclusion. [Text 10 point with times new roman]

Introduction [Times new Roman and 12 Bold]

This section should be brief discussion and 400-600 words [Text 10 point with times new roman]

Materials and Method [Times new Roman and 12 Bold]

This section needs to describe the research materials and methods. [Text 10 point with times new roman]

Results and Discussion [Times new Roman and 12 Bold]

This section needs to describe the experimental results and analysis results. [Text 10 point with times new roman]

Conclusion [Times new Roman and 12 Bold]

This section needs to include overall full original work. [Text 10 point with times new roman]

Acknowledgments [Times new Roman and 12 Bold]

Acknowledgments should be included at the end of the paper and before the references. It may also include supporting grants, private money, etc. [Text 10 point with times new roman]

References [Times new Roman and 12 Bold]

References section needs to write down like [1] Authors name, paper title, journal name, vol., no., year, page no., references should be cited within the text in number wise. [Reference text 10 points with times new roman]

Figure and Table's

Figures and Tables should be cited serially in the text area with numbers. The table should be three line tables. No vertical line in the table. 
Figure format: Photoshop, TIFF, GIF, JPEG.

Typeset proof

Accepted paper will send to authors and authors need to resend publisher within 2 - 4 days for final publication.

Copyright Form

The authors need to sign the copyright form before the final publication and sent it to the publisher that the original work.





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